Spiritual Care

The Spiritual Care Department at St. Joseph’s Hospital respects the rights of all people to their individual beliefs and religious affiliations. The staff are committed to service that is characterized by care, compassion, and concern for the whole person. When you are facing hard decisions, feeling alone or in pain, your spirituality can be a source of guidance and hope. The Spiritual Care Department offers a supportive and welcoming environment for all patients, families, and staff that are in need of help and encouragement during difficult or stressful times. The Spiritual Care’s overall mission is to provide people with the highest quality of holistic care.

The Spiritual Care Department:

  • Responds to the spiritual care and emotional needs of the patients
  • Offers grief counseling for patients, families, and staff
  • Assists families and patients in making difficult decisions
  • Is always available for prayer and comfort, education, and advocacy
  • Assists patients in obtaining comfort and support from within their own faith and traditions
  • Practices being non-judgmental
  • Treats each patient with respect and dignity
  • Will assist in contacting appropriate support as requested
  • Available to everyone including patients, families, staff, etc.

The Spiritual Care Department is a resource for people to succeed.  Whether it is being admitted to the hospital or dealing with stressful situations, the chaplain offers support that helps the client find their answer, as they become part of the journey. The department also has many events for patients throughout the year that help spread positivity and happiness for patients and their families.

The Spiritual Guidance Department is always looking for volunteers to help with events and programs throughout the year. Whether it is working with the Adult Day Program or the residents in Long Term Care, it is always a great experience for the volunteers and patients as they bring joy to those who need it most.

Spiritual Care tries to spread a positive message and attitude throughout the hospital and promote sounds of laughter within the building that says there's more to hospital life than pain and sorrow. 


Marian Huber, BTh, MTS
Spritual Care Practitioner