Central Supplies Reprocessing (CSR)

Tara Daoust, RN BSN
Manager ED, OR, Endo, CSR

Central Supplies Reprocessing works with the principles of microbiology, infection control, instrumental preparation, and packaging/sterilization. The CSR department at St. Joseph’s Hospital works to ensure the sterilization of all medical equipment used at the hospital and it is essential in preventing infection and the spread of disease from dirty instruments and equipment.  

The CSR department provides for the sterilization of:

  • Steri Peel Packages
  • Instrument Trays
  • Operating Rooms / Obstetrical Bundles
  • Dressing sets, cautery, trochars

The CSR Department also sterilizes equipment for other local medical facilities such as the Medical Center, Estevan Regional Nursing Home, Estevan Home Care, and some dental equipment.

The Central Supplies Reprocessing department follows best standards and procedures that enable the hospital to run and offer a safe and clean medical experience.