SJH Board of Directors

Top L to R: Ms. Diane Fornwald, Mr. Armond Hauglum, Ms. Lori Carr, Mr. Larry Mack, Mr. Stanley Lainton, Mr. Mike Strachen
Front L to R: Ms. Nola Joseph, Ms. Mary Anne Veroba (Director of Care), Mr. Don Kindopp, Chair, Mr. Greg Hoffort (Executive Director) and Ms. Leona Burkhart
Missing From Photo: Mr. Kelly Lafrentz, Ms. Shirley Wheeler, Mr. Robert Adams, Mr. Kevin Smith and Ms.Sharon Heintz

St. Joseph’s Hospital Of Estevan

An Emmanuel Care Facility

Board Of Directors

Executive Committee
Mr. Don Kindopp, Chair
Stan Lainton, Vice Chair

Emmanuel Care
Ms. Joan Pratchler

Community Representatives
Mr. Don Kindopp
Ms. Nola Joseph

City of Estevan
Ms. Shelly Veroba

Rural Municipality of Coalfields, No. 4
Mr. Stanley Lainton

Rural Municipality of Estevan, No. 5
Mr. Terry Keating

Rural Municipality of Cambria, No. 6
Mr. Robert Adams

Rural Municipality of Browning No. 34
Mr. Pius Loustel

Rural Municipality of Benson, No. 35
Mr. Larry Mack

Town of Bienfait
Ms. Shirley Wheeler

Town of Lampman
Ms. Diane Fornwald

Town of Midale
Mr. Armond Hauglum

St. Joseph’s Health-Care Auxiliary
Ms. Marlene Shurygalo